Terms of Conditions for INISA users are effective as of November 10, 2021.

The Terms of Conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by PT Digital Pemerintahan Indonesia (hereinafter referred as to “DPI” or “We”).

Before using the INISA service, the user is required to read the entire INISA Terms of Conditions. If users have questions, they can contact INISA customer service. These Terms of Conditions Regulate users and user access to applications, websites, content, services and payment services provided by INISA. By using the INISA application, the user agrees to comply with the “INISA Terms of Conditions” (or referred to as the “Terms of Conditions”) and the INISA Privacy Policy.

A. Definition
  1. INISA is national platform to support digital transformation Sistem Pemerintahan Berbasis Elektronik (SPBE) in Indonesia. Through collaboration with Ministry of Home Affairs, INISA can verify population data & support the digitization of ID cards and other civil documents so as to improve Government services.
  2. INISA account is all users registered in the INISA application. INISA account is used by users as login access and to take advantage of INISA facilities or services.
  3. User is anyone who is registered as owner INISA account
  4. Transactions are all transactions that can be carried out by Users using INISA, both within the territory of Indonesia and outside the territory of Indonesia (as relevant), both those that are already available through the features on the INISA application, as well as transactions that will be developed in the future.
  5. Agent is a third party agency who cooperates with INISA to provide certain services or functions so that they can be used in the INISA application.
B. General Conditions
  1. New users can use the INISA account after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then activate or register using their mobile number and provide the required information.
  2. Each mobile number can only be used for 1 (one) INISA account.
  3. Transactions can be rejected if at any time the INISA security system finds and considers that the transactions made are not fair.
C. INISA Activation

Users are required to ensure that the data, information and/or information provided, included, and submitted on the INISA application are correct and valid. Users can register an INISA account in the following ways:

  1. Downloading the INISA application via the Google Play Store (for Android) and the App Store (for IOS) and installing the INISA application.
  2. After completing the installation the user can carry out the registration process by following the instructions and entering data including: 
            a. Active mobile phone number,
            b. OTP (One Time Password) sent to the mobile phone number
            c. PIN (6 digit number)
  3. The user is required to guarantee that the information and data provided is correct and accurate in the context of registering an INISA account.
D. Authentication and Verification

In terms of data authentication and/or verification, INISA has 2 methods, namely through OTP (One Time Password) and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

1. OTP (One Time Password)
  • OTP (One Time Password) is a passcode that is sent via Short Messaging Service (SMS) to the user’s phone number registered in the INISA application. OTP functions to verify certain transactions or activities carried out through the INISA application.
  • Users can request the OTP code 3 times/day, where each sending the OTP code is given a 5 minute delay. If the user has reached the maximum limit of OTP requests per day, the user can re-request OTP on the next day. The validity period of the OTP is 10 minutes and can only be used once for verification. If the user requests the OTP code more than once, the previous OTP will be considered expired and cannot be used.
  • INISA users are required to maintain the confidentiality of the OTP code and not share the OTP code with anyone.
  • Losses arising from the failure/negligence of the user in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the OTP are the full responsibility of the user. Every OTP code that is successfully verified from the INISA account will be considered a legitimate transaction and/or activity of the user, and therefore will be binding and have legal consequences on the user concerned.
  • INISA does not know and will never ask the user to tell INISA the OTP code.
2. PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a personal identification number created and determined by the user during the new account registration process.
  • The PIN consists of 6 (six) digit numbers which cannot be repeated or sequential.
  • The user will be asked to enter a PIN to verify a certain payment and/or the use of certain features to ensure the validity that the transaction is actually carried out by the user.
  • INISA has the right to temporarily block the INISA account if the user enters the wrong PIN 3 (three) times in a row.
  • Users are required to maintain the confidentiality of the PIN and not share it with anyone.
  • Losses arising from the failure/negligence of the user in maintaining the confidentiality of the PIN code are the full responsibility of the user. Any sending of a verified PIN from the user’s INISA account will be considered a legitimate transaction and/or activity of the user, and therefore will be binding and have legal consequences on the user concerned.
  • INISA does not know and will never ask the user to tell INISA the PIN.
E. INISA Application Features

Users can perform various transactions through the features available in the INISA application.

1. Digitization and Identity Verification (Digital ID)
  • Digitization and identity verification that can be carried out by INISA users are ID cards, driving licenses, and passports.
  • All data contained in the identity card shall be legible to facilitate the verification process.
  • All data or information that users send for verification will be stored by PT Digital Pemerintahan Indonesia in order to verify data.
  • Approval and/or rejection of the user verification application is the absolute authority of INISA with due observance of the applicable laws and regulations.
  • INISA has the right to update user data in cases including but not limited to if INISA finds data that is no longer valid, and the user agrees to this.
  • Users shall guarantee the truth and accuracy of all data and information submitted in the context of verifying identity data. The user is fully responsible if in the future it is found that there is data and information submitted by the user that is inaccurate, wrong, and/or false.
2. Purchases and Bill Payments (Sentra Tagihan)
  • Purchases for reloads of telecommunication operators or other operators can be done through the INISA application with the available denominations or according to the instructions displayed in the INISA application.
  • Payment of postpaid bills or monthly routine bills such as electricity bills, water bills, internet subscription bills, telkom bills, and other routine bills can be done through the INISA application.
  • INISA is not responsible for losses due to user error/negligence in inputting detailed information, nominal and payment data.
3. Purchase of Tourist Tickets, Culinary, Attractions (Tourism Center)

INISA users can purchase travel tickets/vouchers, culinary, attractions, car rentals on the Tourism Center menu/feature. Users can pay for tickets/vouchers for travel, culinary, attractions, car rentals directly through the INISA application, then Users will get an e-voucher.

4. Payment of Land and Building Tax (Tax Center)
  • Payment of Land and Building Tax (PBB) can be made through the INISA application.
  • INISA is not responsible for losses due to user error/negligence in inputting detailed information, nominal and payment data.
5. Digital Payments

Currently, INISA users can make payments/purchases through the following methods:

  • Virtual Account,
  • QRIS,
  • Electronic Money, and
  • Credit Card.
6. Check-In & Check – Out of “PeduliLindungi”

Users can use INISA to check-in and check-out PeduliLindungi in the INISA application by entering their NIK and Name first.

7. User Profile

Users can change the user’s personal data on the Profile menu. The data that can be changed are Name, Email, and Profile Photo. PIN is used as a password to make transactions in the INISA application. Mobile phone numbers can only be changed every 90 days, numbers that have been used previously cannot be reused to replace INISA ID from another number.

8. INISA Points

Users will get prizes or rewards in the form of points (INISA Points) for every transaction made in the INISA application or at INISA merchants. INISA Points can be exchanged for E-Vouchers, Merchandise, Lucky Dip, as payment discounts, and various attractive benefits from INISA merchants. The following are the loyalty point features on the INISA application:

9. Third Party Collaboration in the INISA Application

User agrees and subjects to the Terms and Conditions of the INISA Application as well as the more specific Terms and Conditions in the product or feature of third party collaboration with PT Digital Pemerintahan Indonesia which can be accessed in applications both currently and in the future with prior notification, including but not limited to forms of cooperation between merchants, partners (including banks), aggregators, and other payment/financial services.

F. Period of Time

User’s INISA account will be valid as long as the user does not apply for permanent account closure.

G. INISA Service Fees
  1. Fees for the use of services determined by INISA, Banks, Agents, or by third parties who cooperate with INISA and will be deducted directly with prior notification.
  2. INISA may set fees for processing payment transactions using payment instruments issued by other parties, for example debit cards, credit cards or electronic money other than INISA.
  3. Banks or other payment instrument issuing institutions that cooperate with INISA may charge fees for each transaction through the INISA Wallet in accordance with the policies of the relevant payment instrument issuing Bank.
H. Correction
  1. INISA may at any time make corrections (by conducting a debit or credit) if according to INISA records there are errors in transactions, systems, networks, or errors in other forms, including but not limited to requests from Users or authorized officials based on applicable regulations.
  2. Regarding to requests for correction by third parties, INISA will examine and decide according to INISA’s assessment and policies. INISA will not make corrections without any information deemed sufficient for INISA to prove that an error in the transaction.
  3. In relation with the correction purposes as referred to number 1) and number 2), the User hereby grants an irrevocable authority to INISA to debit and/or credit User’s transactions. Such authority will remain applicable and cannot be terminated for any reason including for reasons provided in Articles 1813, 1814, and 1816 of the Civil Code.
I. INISA Account Blocking

1. Accounts INISA accounts may be blocked in whole or in part for features, in accordance with INISA policy, in the following cases:

  • User file official request, either because of a user report due to lost/stolen/hacked/damaged cellular phone. Users shall provide related information/data regarding the block request to INISA.
  • It is carried out unilaterally by INISA because there are things that according to INISA’s policy have an indication of harm and/or an indication of a violation as well as applicable legal provisions, with or without prior notification to the user, including but not limited to:
    1. A request from a state authority or authority authorized law enforcement agencies, or
    2. If the user uses the INISA service which causes a violation of the User Terms of Conditions and/or the INISA Privacy Policy, or
    3. If the user provides data/information/information that is incorrect or misleading at the time of registration or while using the INISA application, or
    4. There are indications of misuse of INISA for activities that violate applicable laws and regulations, or,
    5. INISA account is not used for a minimum period of 6 (six) consecutive months.
    6. Based on the reasonable considerations, INISA has other strong reasons.

2. Re-activation of blocked accounts due to reasons as referred to in section L point 1. above is under the authority of INISA and INISA also has full authority to temporarily or permanently disable user’s access to part or all of the services/features of the INISA application.

J. Official Contact for Information Complaints.

INISA users can ask questions or submit complaints by contacting Customer Service via:

  1. Via email to info@inisa.id, or
  2. Call +622 1515 1468.

Users can also view information on INISA services and promotions on the INISA application or the INISA website: www.inisa.id.

K. Limitation of Liability
  1. To prevent misuse of INISA data or account, User shall remember and maintain the confidentiality of their data information including but not limited to the Mobile Number (Handphone) registered with INISA, PIN or verification code or OTP code or other data provided by the user or received by the user in every transaction activity that occurs / is carried out by not disclosing / disseminating to any party. The user is fully responsible for all consequences and risks that arising in connection with the user’s negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of the user’s data information.
  2. Users shall protect his information stated above, from events including loss, damage, misuse by irresponsible parties or counterfeiting. User hereby acknowledges and agrees to release INISA from any liability and compensation in any form to User or any party for matters that occur beyond INISA’s fault and/or negligence including but not limited to the following events:
    a. Loss or damage to equipment telecommunications or mobile phone numbers;
    b. Unauthorized access to user’s personal information that occurs outside the scope of INISA’s responsibility or on/through third-party applications;
    c. Any losses that occur due to the indication that the user has violated the law and/or has been misused by other parties who are not authorized.
  3. In the event that a cell phone is lost due to theft, loss or any other reason, user shall immediately contact Customer Service to block the relevant INISA account.
  4. In accordance with INISA policy, the user has the right to reject the application for registration of the INISA service by the user without notifying the reason.
  5. Users hereby obliged to check, ensure and guarantee that all information and data registered and provided while using/accessing INISA is accurate, true, and complete, and not misleading. Therefore, the user discharges and releases INISA from all forms of lawsuits, claims and/or compensation, whether originating from the user or any party and in any form whatsoever in connection with the user’s negligence and/or failure to comply with all provisions in the INISA Terms of Conditions.
  6. If the transaction has been completed, the user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the transaction CANNOT be undo for any reason and the transaction will continue to be processed according to the information and data that has been registered and entered by the user.
  7. Users will be charged fees related to INISA services in accordance with applicable regulations including but not limited to transaction fees, short message service fees (SMS) and other fees that will be informed to users.
  8. If there is a technical disturbance on the network or there is an improvement in the service or network, changes in the service or network, repair and/or maintenance of the service or network used by INISA, causing interference to the INISA service, then INISA will immediately handle and/or repair it within a period of time. maximum 3 (three) working days and for that the user will receive a notification from the application. If the repair/handling time for technical disturbance takes longer, INISA will give further notification.
  9. In the event that the INISA system error occurs for any reason that results in service interruption or errors in the implementation of services or transactions that are not caused by the user, INISA will correct the error as soon as possible or within 1 (one) working day or a maximum of 3 (three) working days after the error was discovered.

Failure to carry out or delay in the implementation of partly or all of the obligations under the INISA Terms & Conditions will not be considered a violation of the Terms & Conditions if they are caused by an event that is beyond the control of INISA or commonly referred to as a Force Majeure. Force Majeure including but not limited to:

  1. Natural disasters;
  2. Fire, labor strike, war, riot, rebellion or other military action;
  3. The actions of the authorized party/agencies that affect the continuity of the provision of telecommunications services;
  4. Actions by third parties that cause INISA to be unable to provide telecommunications services;
  5. There is a decision from the competent authority or a change in the decision from the government that has an impact on INISA services, including changes in the application of tariffs to users; and
  6. Outbreaks, epidemics, and/or disease pandemics. The user agrees to release INISA from any claims, if INISA is unable to fulfill the user’s instructions either partially or wholly due to a Force Majeure.
M. Security and Confidentiality of Transactions
  1. Security and convenience of users when using the service is INISA’s priority. Therefore, INISA has a security system during transactions to provide certainty that transactions made by users are safe and personal information and data will be stored and used in accordance with INISA’s Privacy Policy by following the applicable laws and regulations.
  2. INISA uses adequate servers in maintaining the security of User’s confidential information. All sensitive information will be sent via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in which case the data can only be accessed by the authorized team and are required to always maintain the confidentiality of user information and data.
  3. INISA ensures that the user’s PIN is not known by anyone except the user himself to avoid misuse by other parties. Therefore the user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the PIN.
  4. INISA may display user information and other information to third parties for the purpose of maintaining system security in connection with providing access to INISA services through third party means.
  5. INISA guarantees that the implementation provisions have complied with the security standards and applicable laws and regulations.
N. Representation and Warrantiess
  1. Represent and guarantee that based on applicable laws and regulations the user is a capable and understanding party to use the services provided by INISA.
  2. The user hereby represents and warrants that it is legally valid to be bound by an agreement under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, specifically bound by the Terms of Conditions. The user at the time of accessing, registering, and/or using INISA, is at least 21 years old or less than 21 years old, has an identity card (KTP) and is not under custody. If the User is less than 21 years old or less than 21 years old and does not yet have an identity card (KTP), the user represents and guarantees that he has received approval from his parent/legal guardian to register, and/or use INISA.
  3. The use of the INISA Account and/or service is an acknowledgment and agreement of the user to comply with:
    a. the INISA Application Terms and Conditions;

    b. INISA’s special terms and conditions in collaboration with third-party application providers;

    c. Special terms and conditions related to promotions;

    d. Specific terms and conditions that apply to each service feature available in the INISA application
    e. Privacy Policy; and
    f. any applicable laws and regulations.
  4. The user declares and guarantees that he will use INISA fairly and correctly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the prevailing laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia, and will not take any action aimed at avoiding, penetrating, and/or exploiting security system loopholes or causing interference and / or damage to the system, abuse accounts, products and features in the application, or cause harm to INISA and / or other users. The user is fully responsible for any consequences for violating this provision.
  5. The user declares and guarantees that the funds used in the transaction are not funds originating from criminal acts that are prohibited under the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia. Account opening is not for the purpose of committing money laundering and terrorism financing in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia, transactions are not carried out for the purpose of deceiving, obscuring, or avoiding reporting to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) based on the provisions laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, transactions are not made to make payments for transactions whose nature or object violates the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, and the user is fully responsible for and releases INISA from all claims, claims, or compensation. in any form if the user is proven to have committed a criminal act of money laundering based on the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. The user hereby declares and guarantees that he will be fully responsible for all INISA services accessed using his user ID number.
  7. The user hereby declares that he is willing to complete all data or requests for data or supporting documents requested by INISA in connection with further tracing/checking if there are suspicions of suspicious transactions and/or indications of violating the Terms of Conditions or provisions of laws and regulations.
  8. User will not give rights, authority and/or power of attorney in any form and under any conditions to other people or parties to use data, PIN, INISA Account to any person or party;
  9. The user declares and guarantees that he will not for any reason reclaim any and all data/documents that have been submitted because INISA has the right to use such data and information for transaction services or related to administrative affairs of the user’s account at INISA, unless required under the laws and regulations;
  10. The user declares and guarantees that he will update and notify INISA if there is a change in user data that has been registered and/or submitted to INISA;
  11. By executing a Transaction through the INISA application, the user understands that all communications and instructions from the user received by INISA will be treated as authentic evidence even though it is not made in the form of a written document or issued in the form of a signed document. The User hereby represents and warrants that the User does not and will not deny the validity and validity of the electronic communications and instructions submitted by the User through INISA, as authentic evidence;
  12. The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the service is provided “as is” and “as available”, without any warranty that the service provided is suitable for the specific purposes or needs of the user. In this case, INISA does not provide any guarantee that:
    a.The use of INISA can meet all customer needs;

    b.INISA will be available continuously without interruption/error

    c. Any discrepancies will be corrected to meet the user’s wishes. However, INISA will still try its best and reasonably to provide the best service for Users.
O. Miscellaneous
  1. Terms of Conditions are subject to and implemented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia;
  2. If there is a dispute in the interpretation or implementation of the Terms of Conditions, INISA and the user agree to resolve the dispute through deliberation. In the event that consensus deliberation is not reached within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the dispute will then be resolved through the South Jakarta District Court;
  3. These Terms of Conditions are made in Indonesian and English. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the two, INISA and the user agree to use Indonesian as the binding language;
  4. INISA, including its name and logo, code, design, technology and business formula, is protected by a copyright, brand, patent and other intellectual property rights and is subject to the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia. INISA (and parties related to the INISA license, if any) owns all rights and interests of INISA with respect to the intellectual property rights that follow. These Terms of Conditions do not result in the transfer of or give the user the right to use INISA’s intellectual property rights in the broadest sense of the intellectual property rights as stated above;
  5. Inisa’s failure or delay in taking direct action, imposing sanctions, or exercising rights or obligations and/or filing a lawsuit or claim for violations of these Terms of Conditions, does not eliminate the user’s obligations and is not a waiver of INISA’s right to take any necessary action in the future. day;
  6. Users are prohibited from transferring their rights and obligations in the Terms of Conditions Without prior approval from INISA based on INISA’s sole considerations and policies;
  7. If there is a provision in these Terms of Conditions Which turns out to be in violation of the applicable laws and regulations, either partially or wholly, then the provision deemed to be in violation is set aside from these Terms of Conditions And the other Terms of Conditions Shall remain valid and binding;
  8. These Terms of Conditions Either partially or wholly including features or services offered by INISA may be changed, updated, and/or added from time to time based on applicable policies. Based on these updates and/or additions, the user hereby declares that he accepts the changes, updates and/or additions;
  9. The user hereby acknowledges and gives consent to INISA to use personal data/user information on the features available in the application (or which will be developed in the future) for the development of the type/model of service and use of the INISA application, with due regard to the provisions of the Privacy Policy. as well as the applicable laws and regulations;
  10. The management of user’s personal data is regulated in the Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) where the Privacy Policy is an integral and inseparable part of the Terms of Conditions and therefore hereby declares that the User accepts and agrees to the relevant Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy);
  11. User transactions made through INISA are stored automatically on the INISA server. The user acknowledges and understands that INISA has made its best efforts to maintain the security of the system. However, in the event that there are discrepancies or discrepancies between the User’s data, transaction records, the user agrees that the valid and recognized data or transaction records are owned by INISA;
  12. The user understands that in using INISA, personal data from users will be collected, used or displayed so that users can enjoy INISA services to the fullest, therefore the user hereby agrees to INISA to use the personal data to third parties who cooperate with INISA;
  13. Users can contact Customer Service or enter the application and website to find out information related to INISA services;
  14. Users will receive notifications about the latest services or promotions through personal communication media or through the INISA application. If the user objected to receiving the notification, the user can contact the Customer Service INISA
P. Closing

Users understand and agree that these Terms and Conditions are agreements and actions taken by users when pressing the register button or login button when accessing INISA is an agreement to bind themselves in an agreement with INISA so that the validity of these Terms and Conditions is valid and binding. legally and continues to apply throughout the use of the application by INISA users. INISA may transfer INISA’s rights under these Terms and Conditions without prior consent from the User or prior notification to the users.